Passion Passport, I've been featured!

It was another ordinary weekend resting and putting my inbox in check, that I received a really cool email. I was being asked if Passion Passport could use a picture of mine they found on Instagram on theirnew guide about ireland.
It's from a trip I took to Dingle and back on a weekend, where I got to discover the green huge hills and mountains of the well known Emerald Island. You could actually see cheep sleep along the road. Small piles of white fluff here and there, during the night.

The featured photo!

 Passion Passport on Ireland Guide

Passion Passport on Ireland Guide

To be honest, though it looks like some sort of a tiny light house, I couldn't tell the purpose of it. That red definitely caught my immediate attention, and I just couldn't help it.
After this, I guess I should just dedicate a "corner" of this site with nice album with the pictures I took on this trip, just to show you how calmly awesome can Ireland be, and how easy you can be taken to a completely different kind of world. It's like you're in a dream, far away from the chaos and daily craziness. 

So keep an eye, because I might be putting the album up in the next couple of days!