I'm on Getty Images

Caught by surprise, I received an email a week ago, letting me know that two of my pictures shared on my EyeEm market were selected by their photo editors to have them on sale on Getty Images!

I couldn't believe it until I clicked on the link on my email and saw this:

It's a great honor for me has an amateur photographer, to have my images on Getty Images. It doesn't even much if they're rarely sold, just the fact of having them there, is just great.

I must say that the fact that I took time to read EyeEm's FAQ helped me to organize and upload the correct file sizes and choose the best tags to make them more visible and appealing for purchase. But deep down inside, the only thing I was trying to accomplish here was to have them in the app's market only.

Now, this gave me a whole new sense of motivation and I've been carrying my camera more often, paying more attention to my surroundings to allow me to find great opportunities to capture more photos to add to this album.
I'm going through a more quiet phase right now and I'm not going anywhere soon, but I'm pretty sure I'll find cool stuff to shoot on my daily basis.

Stay tuned!