Quinta da Regaleira: The Occultism

This estate/"farm" is near the historic center of Sintra, Portugal. And although you can find all the detailed information and history of the place on Wiki, the experience is like looking at a painting. You'll make your own interpretation of the place, and this without saying that, some reading will make understand even more the magic and mystery in every element of the property.

As soon as you enter the gates you find yourself in front of white dusty paths going different directions. You as well just pull out the map given at the entrance and decide where to start, because there's no right direction to go from.
I and my friend just went for it and look for the famous Initiation Wells. The most enchanted place ever. It brought me back to Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth, and suddenly a tourist next tome interrupted my thoughts singing Game of Throne's theme song which made everyone around laugh.

We ended out in a lower part of the park after dowing down the Well's narrow staircase. speaking of which, let me share with you a little teaser about the place:

This initiation wells, also known as inverted towers, are full of symbolism, they were built for Tarot initiation rituals! Some people say it wasn't only for that.
Of the two wells, the larger one contains a 27-meter spiral staircase with several small landings. The spacing of these landings, combined with the number of steps in the stairs, are linked to Tarot mysticis.

So, there you go. Doesn't make you pay it a visit?

Well, there's much than that going on there. The tunnels, though I haven't dug into the reason why they were carved, can disorient you for a while, and when you think you're going down, you end up in a higher part of the park!


But, of course, this isn't all made of wells and tunnels, there are the palace and the chapel. And on the way there you'll find the most mysterious sculptures on outdoor stone vases and statues like goats with round long horns and human face, a weird facial expression on other human faced sculptures that reminded me of gargoyles.

As soon as your eyes hit the walls of the palace it's just too much information to absorb at a glance. The whole building exhibited sculptures everywhere, from the tiniest ones to huge ones hanging on the corners of the palace. And don't get me started on the interior... it's to die for"!


And as for the chapel, let's use the keywords:

Pentagrams, Masonry and the Knights Templar

symbols carved on the walls and drawn with small colored tiles on the entrance floor.

Curious enough?!

Passion Passport, I've been featured!

It was another ordinary weekend resting and putting my inbox in check, that I received a really cool email. I was being asked if Passion Passport could use a picture of mine they found on Instagram on theirnew guide about ireland.
It's from a trip I took to Dingle and back on a weekend, where I got to discover the green huge hills and mountains of the well known Emerald Island. You could actually see cheep sleep along the road. Small piles of white fluff here and there, during the night.

The featured photo!

 Passion Passport on Ireland Guide

Passion Passport on Ireland Guide

To be honest, though it looks like some sort of a tiny light house, I couldn't tell the purpose of it. That red definitely caught my immediate attention, and I just couldn't help it.
After this, I guess I should just dedicate a "corner" of this site with nice album with the pictures I took on this trip, just to show you how calmly awesome can Ireland be, and how easy you can be taken to a completely different kind of world. It's like you're in a dream, far away from the chaos and daily craziness. 

So keep an eye, because I might be putting the album up in the next couple of days!

I'm on Getty Images

Caught by surprise, I received an email a week ago, letting me know that two of my pictures shared on my EyeEm market were selected by their photo editors to have them on sale on Getty Images!

I couldn't believe it until I clicked on the link on my email and saw this:

It's a great honor for me has an amateur photographer, to have my images on Getty Images. It doesn't even much if they're rarely sold, just the fact of having them there, is just great.

I must say that the fact that I took time to read EyeEm's FAQ helped me to organize and upload the correct file sizes and choose the best tags to make them more visible and appealing for purchase. But deep down inside, the only thing I was trying to accomplish here was to have them in the app's market only.

Now, this gave me a whole new sense of motivation and I've been carrying my camera more often, paying more attention to my surroundings to allow me to find great opportunities to capture more photos to add to this album.
I'm going through a more quiet phase right now and I'm not going anywhere soon, but I'm pretty sure I'll find cool stuff to shoot on my daily basis.

Stay tuned!