My name is Sofia and welcome to my photography collection where I gather my favorite and best pictures I took.
I'm a sucker for physical photo albums and havingthem shared digitaly on the web just made them more accessible and also allowed me to introduce friends and people from around the world to places I've been to.

Have a look around and I hope you enjoy the journey!
I hope you enjoy my little journey!


The Blog

I like to document some facts and thoughts about the places I've been and explored. Give some cool tips or just share my experience.

All The Places

Here's where you'll find all the photos I took so far. This is my best selection!


Film photography and allthe experiments I did with good film, expired film, redscale film and of course, the never overrated black and white film.


The shop

You can purchase of my photos that were carefully selected by EyeEm photo editors. Some of them even got selected for premium purchases on Getty Images!