Heritage in a Museum

September 2014…


… I went for a visit to my family and “rejuvenate” a little in the hometown of my origins.
Four days surrounded by all that I love the most, remember the rich taste of the transmontana culinary and breath the freshest air I know.
During this stay I had the opportunity of visiting a new local museum raised in the honour of those who contributed to keep the local culture alive along with those who registered the most significant events. Between them I could find my photographer great grandfather’s most valuable belongings. All his remaining equipment is exposed in glass showcases accompanied with illustrated explaining posters.





Unfortunately, by the time I started gaining interest in photography my great grandpa was already too old to give some lessons, but he had passed on to my father some knowledge and he passed on to me in time. While teenager, I didn’t got that much interest, I just cared about registering good moments with my friends.

It was a great pleasure to see my great grandpa’s estate exposed for the public a remember the faces and events that took place in this small town photographed by him along long decades.
I cannot place exactly which of the equipments is actually his, has they’re mixed with a few cameras from another local photographer. But still, I can remember other few that grandpa used when he was still able to work. Most of my childhood pictures and family portraits where taken by him and the oldest black and white were perfectly hand coloured by his artistic hand as well.
I want to give this talent I’ve inherited from his put into good use, since I loving more and more to explore the wonders of photography!

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The cycle: adventure

One day i took a deep breath and made my final decision. After that followed a mix of emotions: adventurous spirit stimulated, all senses in alert, caution and an urge. But when it comes time to put everything away in cardboard boxes, disassemble furniture and plugging holes where once have hanged the paintings the little panic and the fear took over.

I cried like a fool through the house and felt incapable of lifting one single object. In an act of desperation to get out of all that emotion, i picked up the phone and asked for my friend’s company, she didn’t ask me anything because she said understood the feeling.
The days passed and the furniture was gradually replaced by pieces of wood stacked in the corner of the living room. At the end of these tiring days i’d seat at the computer to finish my portfolio of my best work, as some companies asked in job offers. The inspiration was not in its best days but still I struggled and managed to make an update and the most appealing look.

On my packing break days i dedicated myself to better understand the city where he was going, stuck to private groups on social networks dedicated to people in my situation. Many of them gave their testimony and understood the trials through which i was passing, but several said the same “Here is something that has long been lost there (Portugal), hope!”

One thing is certain, i did not take this decision lightly, after all is family and friends who i was leaving behind. It is our homeland where we speak our language we leave to go into the unknown. There were and are uncertainties to which we have no immediate answer and only time will tell upon the actions to take.
If i get successful the better, if it is not at least i tried my  best.