Lost Instant

Inside the silence of the mind.

Photography: Katerina and Wonderland

Russian and born in 1987. Katerina Plotnikova is a photographer i'd love to assist in every photo shoot, paying attention to every single detail she puts to her work.
I found her while reading my feeds on my way to work. It was love at first sight, but it was expected since someone like me admires these kind of works with amazing scenarios, even more special when they involve human-animal interaction.


When i was 7 my imagination got a huge boost, i met Hayao Miyazaki's work for the first time with Laputa: Castle in the Sky. Since then i began living in a daydream instead of carrying about the bullies from my school.
I would climb trees pretending they were some sort of watchtowers, even had some of my lunches up there; some other times i'd lay on the grass looking at the sky imagining how could everything be different and feel fitted into a place where all I dreamed about could ever be possible.  That subtle numbness that the dream brought did me well, made me feel unique, like i owned my space where peace and free will for imagination reigned.


My heart races
I loose track of my thoughts
They say what not to do but I can't stop
It's in me, it's all about being free
Cut loose of stereotypes and what you're supposed to be.


Peço desculpa pela falta de comparência, mas com o início de uma nova rotina torna-se difícil chegar a casa com vontade de me sentar em frente ao pc. Isso e o facto de estar com uma escassez enorme na fonte de inspiração.
Acredito que melhores dias virão para este blog, mas por enquanto reina o silêncio, a reflexão e o descanso da máquina.


I found myself asking the same question lately "Who am i?". And from that came the "What am i supposed to be?", those kind of philosophical questions.
It's not that i can't define myself, but i was so caught up trying to figure out where i wanted to be and run away from the recession in my country that i lost my person in the process.
By the time i landed in Dublin i was overwhelmed by a turmoil of emotions involving me.: scared, lost, dislocated, excited, courageous... and so on. I had to put myself together, but i also had to adapt.
I got held captive by a strange insecurity of what did i just do? and started crying home alone. I was tired in all ways because i'd passed the last three weeks packing my life and home in 26 boxes and dismantled furniture. All by myself, again, while my hubby was already here preparing my arrival.

It's not easy but it's not as hard when you think you're only two hours and a half from family by plane. That's my trick.

{ I had a lot of time to think about me and my choices. }

While i was working on my main goal in the background (job seeking) i wanted to do things to indulge myself so i went to a couple of museums, spend afternoons in coffee shops with wi-fi or taking a walk through the city exploring and capture some good shots. As you'll see around this blog might be it.

This is the right time to define who i am once and for all, i may change along the years but the essence will remain. I want to show my true self and this blog might be it.

I want to do things i love by balancing my new job with my spare time and share the experience with you.

So this is me.


While paying a visit to the shop once again audacious enough to ask if i could take some shots of the venue. With a smiling "Yes!" on his face there I went, cautiously for i didn't wanted to disturb the working artists and scare their customers.
The opening of the venue was very cool too! After all they had to make sure all their customers knew their new address.

Here are some of the jewels!

Check out more here!

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In one more of those grey days when even the sun is scared to show up, i came up with the idea of finally creating a website proposal to a maybe future client. Since they changed venue they needed a proper website to match the new decorations.
Since the owner dedicated so much of him to create a very phenomenal venue, why not having a website that shows that?
This is not the final idea, i'm structuring another wireframe. Because it's always good to show at least two choices.