Fragmentation, the pieces i gather

While i was, finally, cleaning up and organising my Mac i can across some pictures i've been neglecting by keeping them in the dark. I decided to grab those and insert them in a w.i.p. project, Fragments of the Mind
Initially  this project was supposed to be a place where i'd be showing some abstract work and random experiments i do once in a while, but today when i was getting these new ones ready i took a moment to reflect on the name i gave to it. Fragments of the Mind was supposed to represent those flashes of memory we sometimes get from dreams and the more we think about them the more distorted it gets.
But then again, these fragments can also symbolise images that transmits a state of mind. For example, nothing eases my spirit like watching at a vast landscape. 

Or when i need to relax, nothing better than the gentle breeze running through tree branches and the flickering sunlight sneaking between the leaves, while you're laying your body on the fresh smelling grass on a quite park.

In some other cases, i just like the framing and the colours of the image i took. They give me a sense of calmness allowing me to drift away, somehow some of them even help me focus to meditate.

Check more of the photos i've been collecting here: Fragments of the Mind
Who knows you might relate to them the way i did.

Facts About Me

Everybody uses this list as a simple way to share a bit more about themselves and i'm no exception to that. After reading and watching videos of facts to inspire me to write down my list, here are the results. I stopped at 24 because i was running out of details but there's a good chance i might update this list once in a while.

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image credit:

  1. I love the smells of condiments on my hands after cooking.
  2. I’m an anxious person
  3. I’m a bit obsessed about visual organisation, everything has its own place.
  4. I can’t go through breakfast without bread and milk.
  5. There’s nothing better than chocolate pancakes, tea and movies on a rainy weekend.
  6. I had piercing on my chin but i took it off for stupid reasons.
  7. I don’t like clubbing, i’d rather go to quiet place and enjoy a good conversation and food.
  8. I look weird on selfies.
  9. When i was a child i wanted to be an astronaut to visit all the stars, after that i thought of being a pianist.
  10. Made my first tattoo at the age of 19. It was a tribal but after i got married it became a flower.
  11. It takes a lot to piss me off for real.
  12. I always wake up in a good mood and ready to start the day!
  13. I love driving my car and i take care of it as if it was a pet.
  14. My everyday battle is coordinating my headphones with my glasses without hurting my ears.
  15. Almost no one calls me by my name, there’s always a nickname for me.
  16. My favourite fruits are coconut and banana, specially fried.
  17. I prefer Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies, like Marvel and DC Comics movies.
  18. I’ve been loosing my patience with uninteresting people lately (it sounds bad but it’s true.)
  19. I love post crossing, it’s so good to get other things in the mailbox instead of bills, it’s even a better feeling when you know how far they’ve traveled.
  20. I’ve got this passion for photography as you can see here, and if i could i would love to have my own darkroom at home.
  21. Textures, textures & textures! I love paper textures and i'm thinking on creating a scrapbook to collect them. (And my husband will say i'm a hoarder!)
  22. I love rollerskating but i had a hard time learning how to.
  23. Just like textures i have this thing for smells, specially flourish kind of smells.
  24. I'm a person who likes to go through her memories of good old times. I even have photo albums with some of those memories.
image credit: lovethispic

image credit: lovethispic