How I See Photography

Stimulant is: touching film … feel its smell, the sound of the paper archive when I put one more carefully developed film. Melody is: enjoying the mechanisms of an analog machine, the shot, the click of the shutter, the pulling of the film handle.




From my point of view, analogue photography is more exciting and surprising than digital due to all the manual process that involves analogy. The lack of a complex array of options and settings, makes me focus more on the subject I want to capture and it all works in a more natural way, purely intuitive i’d dare to say.
My attraction for photography came out of nowhere, really, out of nowhere! I started by using my father’s Mamiya ZM and taking pictures of my friends and places wherever i’d go or i’d simply chase anyone at home to take pictures of. I behaved like a true child when it came time to pick up the revelations. Was anxious to see the printings and choose the best photos to carefully archive in a designated album. I still get all excited when i have film to develop.
I remember the success i had with a picture I took at age 14 during a school visit to Eurodisney. Was the first I took as soon as we all arrived at the venue, a landscape of the entire amusement park. It’s a pity i don’t have it with me to share.
The real interest came when I went to college and had a discipline of Photography, thank goodness it was analog and until today it has been the only experience i had working in a darkroom. I’ll have one at home but not now… who knows by the time i get one it will still be possible to buy all the equipment and chemicals.

I’ve been shooting in my spare time again. When  inspiration or opportunity arises, i grab a camera or two and go out on the streets and shoot. I have phases when i just wont even look at a camera for months. Not that it bothers me, we don’t have to live clinging to the machines all the time… i don’t force myself to “breathe” photography constantly, i prefer to leave room for spontaneity. That’s when everything comes with a natural ease.

image credits | Hilda Grahnat

Fragments of the Mind

In result of experiments i’ve recently done with my analogue Nikon and its micro lens, i got abstract images which i can relate with small parts of my memories. They become fragments throughout time and i find myself wondering in the midst of particular frames inside my head.

This are the surprising images i got from literally playing with this special lens.






Check the rest of my work at Cargo Collective gallery!


Heritage in a Museum

September 2014…


… I went for a visit to my family and “rejuvenate” a little in the hometown of my origins.
Four days surrounded by all that I love the most, remember the rich taste of the transmontana culinary and breath the freshest air I know.
During this stay I had the opportunity of visiting a new local museum raised in the honour of those who contributed to keep the local culture alive along with those who registered the most significant events. Between them I could find my photographer great grandfather’s most valuable belongings. All his remaining equipment is exposed in glass showcases accompanied with illustrated explaining posters.





Unfortunately, by the time I started gaining interest in photography my great grandpa was already too old to give some lessons, but he had passed on to my father some knowledge and he passed on to me in time. While teenager, I didn’t got that much interest, I just cared about registering good moments with my friends.

It was a great pleasure to see my great grandpa’s estate exposed for the public a remember the faces and events that took place in this small town photographed by him along long decades.
I cannot place exactly which of the equipments is actually his, has they’re mixed with a few cameras from another local photographer. But still, I can remember other few that grandpa used when he was still able to work. Most of my childhood pictures and family portraits where taken by him and the oldest black and white were perfectly hand coloured by his artistic hand as well.
I want to give this talent I’ve inherited from his put into good use, since I loving more and more to explore the wonders of photography!

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